Battlefield Hardline Released

Battlefield Hardline was released today. We have been working hard over the past weekend to unlock all the weapons during the EA Access trial and have successfully unlocked 45 of the 51 available weapons. We have updated the site to include all 51 weapons, but the information on the 6 locked weapons was sourced from an unofficial website. Those 6 weapons are ARM, FMG-9, Double-Barrel Shotgun, .300 Knockout, Bald Eagle, and MAC-10. They will be updated if corrections are needed once we have unlocked them. You can check out the Battlefield Hardline loadouts here.

If you come across any inconsistencies and have the correct information, then please leave it in a comment below.

Small Update for reCAPTCHA

We’ve done a small update to the new version of Google reCAPTCHA that is required for guests users to post content.  It should be a lot nicer and less annoying for guest users as you may not have to always enter a captcha.  We will be doing some more updates in the future.

reCAPTCHA Updated

Game Loadouts Version 1.2

We’re back again with a pretty big update for Game Loadouts! The first thing you might notice is our homepage redesign. We added a central search box to quickly navigate to a weapon of choice. Additionally, we’ve added a few loadouts snippets to the homepage as well as a poll to gather interest for certain games to add in the future.

The search has also been universally integrated across all web pages for ease of access to your favorite loadouts (located on the navbar). Furthermore, we have improved on the mobile view of the website to look better for all of our mobile users.

Loadouts previously did not have an owner or creator. Now when you create a unique loadout, you will become the owner of that loadout and have your name displayed.

Finally, we have switched from our shared hosting provider to a VPS solution. This will enable us to develop the website even further and provide better performance.

Game Loadouts Version 1.1

Game Loadouts has some new additions. Obviously, the first addition is this blog. We wanted a very simple blog to disseminate new information on the website. You will be able to find all updates regarding Game Loadouts on this blog.

The second addition is removing the registration requirement to submit and vote on loadouts. While you do not need to register to use most of the features on the site, there are still incentives to register. These include no CAPTCHA, faster voting, ability to view your submission list, comment on loadouts, and a custom username. This update is live now.

We will continue to add features to the website to provide the best experience possible to our users. Look forward to these new features as well as more supported games.